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Welcome to the PatientStrong Grant Program from the Association for Creatine Deficiencies (ACD).
This program was established to assist patients diagnosed with a **Cerebral Creatine Deficiency Syndrome (CCDS) that are experiencing financial hardships, by providing funds to help with associated medical expenses and critical costs of living. This program is funded through donations made directly to this fund, as well as the ACD’s Walk for Strength Annual Event.

Approved grant expenses are limited to:

  • Medication(s)/Supplementation(s) documented as necessary by a physician
  • Health Insurance Co-Pays
  • Physician Specialty Visits
  • Hospital Stays
  • Nursing Care
  • Medical Equipment
  • Housing

PatientStrong does NOT fund car payments, home repair, utility bills, food, child care, clothing, toys, furniture, tuition, bills to local stores, or any bill the ACD deems inappropriate use of PatientStrong funds.

The ACD PatientStrong Program allocates funds for up to two $1,000.00 grants per year, based on available funding and community need exhibited through applications received. The ACD reserves the right to deem more than one application in a grant cycle as equally eligible, and as a result, split the funds for that cycle. The ACD is not obligated to make any awards for any grant cycle. The ACD may determine in its sole discretion not to make any awards for one or more grant cycles and may terminate the grant program at any time without obligation to any applicant.

Grant application(s) must be received:
By May 31, for June funding and;
By November 30, for December funding.

To apply for the ACD PatientStrong grant, please fill out the grant application below. Attach proof of diagnosis signed by the patient’s CCDS physician, and an essay explaining the financial hardship and expected use of grant funds.

View Online Application

Only completed applications will be reviewed. The ACD Board of Directors reviews and votes on applications received. All applicants will be notified of the outcome. Receipt of application does not guarantee funding.

**Qualifying patients with a Cerebral Creatine Deficiency Syndrome carry a confirmed diagnosis of Creatine Transporter Deficiency (CTD), Guanadinoacetate Methyltransferase Deficiency (GAMT), or Arginine:Glycine Amidinotransferase (AGAT).

Please contact, if you have any questions.

Thank you,

PatientStrong Grant Program
Association for Creatine Deficiencies


What is the criteria to apply for a grant?

Application must:

  1. Be submitted before the deadline.
  2. Include documentation, signed by physician, of the patient’s CTD, AGAT, or GAMT diagnosis.
  3. Include essay detailing the financial hardship and intended use of the grant money.

How does the grant work?

If a grant is approved by the ACD Board of Directors, the grant will help pay for approved medical services/items after the family’s commercial health insurance plan submits payment, if any, as well as housing costs as deemed critical to the patient’s well being. Grant funds are not paid to the family or the child outright. Bills must be submitted, along with an Explanation of Benefits from the insurance company for medical expenses. Approved bills will be paid directly by the ACD PatientStrong program. The ACD reserves the right to approve or not approve any bill submitted. Award of the grant does not guarantee payment of any particular bill. The ACD reserves the right to refuse to pay certain bills as they determine are inappropriate use of grant funds.

How does the reimbursement process work?

  • Qualifying caregiver of patient gathers all required documents
  • Complete and submit online application before deadline
  • Selected grant recipient(s) will be notified
  • ACD reviews submitted invoices/bills and submits payment directly to the provider
Next Grant Application DEADLINE May 30, 2017