2024 Walk Teams

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Contact us at emily@creatineinfo.org for questions.

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Team AEDC (Spain)
Team Bluffdale
Team Christian
Eddie's CTD Journey
Team Italia
Team Matthew
Team Sonny
Team Xavier S.
Team Al's Pals
Team Brendan
Team Christina
Team Eden & Ezekiel
Team Eden & Ezekiel
Janne's Racing Squad
Team Oscar
Team Tuminello
Team Zoe
Team Asher
Team Brodie
Team Crosby
Team Freddie
Team Levi
Team Rohan
Team Woody
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Bay Area Friends of ACD
Team Cadman
Dottie & the Bandits
Team Germany
Team Lucas
Team Sam & Louis
Team Xavier & Devin

Support Walk For Strength 2024 with a Donation

Can’t make attend the WFS event this year? You can still support or efforts to raise awareness for CCDS and support life-changing research by making a donation. Make a donation to the general WFS campaign below. If you’d like to donate in support of a specific team, choose the team image in the menu above. Thank you!