Team Brendan

Team Brendan

Time & Place

Time: June 15 at 10am (meet at 9:30)

Location: South Mountain Recreation Complex – West Orange, NJ

Meeting Place: Picnic Area outside of Regatta Playground *parking is available across the street*

Walk For Strength 2024

Last summer, Brendan was diagnosed with Creatine Transporter Deficiency (CTD), a rare genetic condition. Although Brendan’s body makes sufficient creatine, it does not transport that creatine to his brain, muscles or heart.

People with CTD have an intellectual disability, delayed speech development and global developmental delays. Affected individuals develop behavioral disorders such as ADHD, and symptoms of autism that affect communication and social interaction. They also experience seizures and many suffer from heart conditions. Children with CTD grow slower and develop fine and gross motor skills later than their peers.

CTD is considered an ultra-rare disease, affecting less than 200 people worldwide. At this time there  is no treatment for CTD.

Despite a lifetime of challenges, Brendan is the happiest kid. Always ready to share a smile and a hug, he fills our lives with the purest kind of joy. On June 15th we will join with others around the world walking to raise awareness of this condition and share our story in hopes for a brighter future for Brendan and other kids like him.

We’d love to have you join us on our Walk for Strength and appreciate any donations given in Brendan’s name!

Questions? Contact ACD.


Donate in support of Team Brendan

If you cannot make it to the walk, please consider making a donation in support of Team Brendan—thank you!