Team Brodie

Brodie is the sweetest 6 year old around. He loves being outdoors, giving kisses, books, and TV. He is non verbal and struggles with communicating his wants/needs, eating/drinking, seizures, repetitive behaviors, excessive self biting, potty training, and no fear. Without a cure, Brodie will need assistance daily for his entire life. Finding a cure would be life altering for our family. For now, we focus on making sure that Brodie is safe and loved.

As you know, Brodie has a rare, currently untreatable, genetic condition called Creatine Transporter Deficiency. There are only about 350 cases in the world—all children that will not lead a normal life. It’s been 21 years since CTD was discovered and the needle is finally starting to move on research.

Walk for Strength 2023

Join us on June 17th for the Association for Creatine Deficiencies’ 8th annual Walk for Strength. We will be walking at Western High School at 9:00 am.

7959 State Route 124 Latham Ohio 45646