Chelsi & Caiden

As you know, Chelsi and Caiden have a rare, currently untreatable, genetic condition called Creatine Transporter Deficiency (CTD).

At diagnosis, in 2017, there were approximately 150 cases worldwide. There are now about 350 cases. A true testimony to the advancements made due to advocacy & awareness.

It’s been 21 years since CTD was discovered and the needle is finally starting to move on research! We just wrapped up our 2nd ever medical & family symposium and learned there are many promising advances towards a treatment.

Bonus news-> there were many presentations given with an emphasis/ focus on FEMALES with CTD! This is an exciting development for our family, and ensures that the science & efforts of researcherd will benefit both Chelsi & Caiden. They may now BOTH have a chance for treatment that is relevant to the differences that present in the male/female CTD populations.

More science is needed..... and YOU can help get us there.

This progress is a direct result of the commitment & support of our family, friends, and supporters who continue to generously participate in events, and who graciously donate. Your donation provides the necessary funds to continue the critical work being done on our, and others, behalf.

Join us, again or for the 1st time, in the ACD's annual Walk For Strength! Chelsi and Caiden climb mountains every single day to overcome the effects CTD has on their lives.

Won't you walk alongside them, near or far, to show your support & continue to help fight for a cure for CTD?

Blessings, Bogar Bunch