“Back to Blogging” – Janet

“Back to Blogging” – Janet

I love reading special needs blogs. They have lifted me up and carried me through some really tough years with my son. Ironically, it’s been awhile since I’ve written for this blog. I have tons of content up in my brain…. but last year I struggled to put those ideas into blog entries to help lift up all of you!

As I prepare to write more posts in 2018, I want to share one of my favorite blogs to read. It is written by a very talented writer, Heather Lanier. She writes with so much insight and refreshing day-to-day experiences, raising her daughter Fiona with special needs. She has helped me enormously to work through my feelings regarding dealing with a special needs diagnosis and the journey that follows. Her blog is called “Star in Her Eye”. It is amazingly written and her insight is beyond words. You will learn a lot and grow your special needs soul by absorbing her writing. You can read it here… StarInHerEye.WordPress.Com.

Happiest holidays to every single CCDS family!!! Let’s have an amazing 2018.


P.S. My favorite posts from her are: “A Lonely Love”, “I Was a Knucklehead”, and “Occasional Grief of a Special Needs Momma”.

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