“Hook ‘em Horns” – Laura

“Hook ‘em Horns” – Laura

I know those who attended the conference in Texas this summer will all agree that is was fabulous. It was so great getting to meet each other in person. We have all connected through our blog stories and Facebook group, but to actually get to meet and let our kids meet and become friends was truly priceless.

It was so great getting to sit in with doctors who spend so much of their time researching on our children’s behalf. Asking them questions in that type of setting was so neat to me as I know so many of us have the same or similar questions, and we for sure have the same desires to give our children the best life possible.

While in Texas, we were able to do a few fun touristy things too. We took the boys to the Thinkery on our last day in town, and it was so neat! We have a couple of children’s museums here in Utah, but this was just different from anything our boys have experienced, and we spent some quality time there. Sooo fun!

The one thing we did that has made a lasting impression on Levi is our tour of the Texas Longhorn Football Stadium. He had never heard of them before, but is a die-hard sports fan; so since he was there in person and got to experience all of the sights, he has been hooked. Our Saturdays this fall have revolved around Texas football and his “team.” He has written numerous notes to the Texas team to let them know that one day he wants to play for them, and what position and number he is looking forward to being. It has been heartwarming and comical, but he constantly flashes the hook ‘em horns on his hands, and talks endlessly about the mascot, Bevo.

We are so grateful for this community and the experiences we have had by being a part of it. We are also so happy for the memories we created from our Texas trip outside of the conference. Thanks to all who made it an amazing experience!

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