“Milestones” -Laura

Today watching Levi peddle his bike as fast as his little legs would take him off the curb, as he demonstrated and showboated his new tricks on his bike, I couldn’t help but smile and celebrate with and for him. Prior to his diagnosis, there were so many “missed/delayed” milestones that it became frustrating at points for us as parents to wonder… sure every kid walks at different times, but our kid
doesn’t/hasn’t done (fill in many blanks here) yet.

Levi riding bikeBeing left to wonder what we could do differently as parents took a toll. Yet after being told which milestones our child would miss after preliminary doctor appointments became even harder to swallow. Having seizures would not allow Levi to ride a bike, swim, or do many other physical activities and would limit his independence and development.

Milestones used to have such a negative connotation around many of our thoughts because they were not being met, however now we are able to focus on the positive. Rather than only seeing those missed or may never accomplish, we now celebrate with Levi in all he achieves. He turns 6 tomorrow and I write this post while we set out presents. This is a time as parents to celebrate the growth and development of our sweet boy, and also look forward to his future. Happy birthday to our life-loving, adventurous, and funny guy!

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