“Travel Supplements” – Laura

Sealed pouches and laminating machine

“Travel Supplements” – Laura

We recently returned from a very fun and needed vacation to Disneyland! It was magical with a 5 and 1 year old. We packed in all that we could and enjoyed every moment of it, but the day after we got home, I still managed hearing the question from Levi asking if we could make a new countdown chain and go back again soon. I will consider that a successful trip!

I just wanted to share our most recent “traveling with supplements” break-through. We very well could be behind the times, but in case this helps anyone else, it’s worth sharing! When we have traveled on an airplane in the past, we make as many doses (plus a few) that we will need during the duration of the trip. We use little cups with lids and pack them tight in a small shoe box, put a few rubber bands around the box and pack it safely in a carry-on. I also bring a copy of our doctor’s note of medical necessity for what we have packed (just in case we are questioned). This has worked well, but as we all know, space is limited, and we have been grateful for the extras as each time one or two of the cups broke or spilled a bit of its contents, making a dose or two inaccurate and unusable. SO… this time we tried something new. First, we measured all the supplements beforehand like normal, but then poured them from a cup into a sealable pouch. We sealed them with this handy sealer we found. This was soooo nice to not worry about spilling, and we were able to fit them all in a quart size bag instead of a shoe box. When we needed to give Levi his medicine, we opened a pouch poured it into a little cup (we only brought 3 for the whole trip instead of 3 a day like before!) added water, stirred it up until it was dissolved enough to pull up in a syringe, and then administered it to our cute little dude. I realize we all package, mix, and give medicine in different ways, but this is our routine. I suppose if you just add it to drinks every day and don’t have to do the syringe, this method with the sealed pouches would be that much easier for travel.

We are still waiting for Levi to get gutsy enough to be able to throw his medicine down like a shot glass, or just drink it at his own pace, but understandably with such a horrible tasting concoction, he has to just be brave and swallow 3 squirts from a syringe; because as of right now, if it didn’t just come shooting in his mouth he would not willingly drink it.scale and plastic cups with lids

I loved this so much I now have a couple in my car in case we are out and about and in need of medicine. I wrote the dosage on the front, just so we know the contents as time goes on and if the doses change we can know to use it or not. Anyways, this method freed up so much space and was so convenient packing into the park each day, I just had to share!

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