“Because” – Amy

Amy and son

“Because” – Amy

At the end of the year, I like to reflect back so I can look forward and plan for the new year. 2017 has been a challenging, yet rewarding year for our family. Like any other family, life moves at warp speed sometimes, but things tend to slow down near the holidays. While every day is an opportunity to reflect and be grateful, I still like to take the time to reflect on what life has offered us as the year comes to a close.

There are many things that I am grateful for this year, because:

In January, we finally learned Ben’s diagnosis of CTD after four years of uncertainty.

We have a better understanding of Ben’s needs and limitations, and can fully advocate for him.

There is hope for Ben’s diagnosis – an observational study, a drug in development, and supplements to help his condition.

We joined a robust community of others like Ben that support us, provide information, and at times, is a place to vent when we need to without judgement.

We are participating in our son’s condition, by helping spread awareness and educate others through this blog.

Ben gets all the therapies and help he needs at school to be as successful as he can be.

Ben continues to grow and progress at his own pace, never slowing down or regressing.

Ben is happy and healthy and full of love.

I have realized that I am stronger than I knew and resilient no matter what comes my way.

And above all, our family is very fortunate – we have great jobs, support, health, and all the love in the world that we need.

2017 is a year that I will always remember as significant, and as always at this time of year, I’m hopeful for what is to come. Because life is a complicated and wonderful journey.

We wish you many wonderful blessings as we close out the year, from our family to yours.

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