“Pilates” – Beth

“Pilates” – Beth

When it became clear that I would be caring for my son into his adult life, I knew that I had to make sure my body and mind would be ready for that. I knew I had to be as strong and durable as possible.

At 16, my son is taller than I am and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. I still need to help get his shoes on, help get him dressed, help bathe him, get him onto his bike, help him swing a bat,
and much more. I need to be able to not only bend and squat and twist safely, but I have to make sure I can support him so he doesn’t fall or injure himself doing these things.

I came to Pilates to keep my physical foundation strong so I could be there for my son throughout his life for as long as he needs me. I fell in love with it so much that I became a PMA-certified instructor. Pilates teaches you to move the body from its center, or powerhouse, and to move the spine in all directions. It is the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

As caretakers of our GAMT/CTD/AGAT loved ones, we need to make sure we build up our strength so we can continue that care without getting injured.

Pilates can be done on the mat or on many different pieces of equipment. If you’re unable to get to a Pilates class, it can be done effectively at home. If you haven’t done Pilates before, start with a beginner class until you feel comfortable to move to something more advanced.

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  1. Thank you, Beth, for sharing beginner Pilates! I’ve worked out in the past but lately, I’ve been putting myself on the back burner. I need to stop neglecting myself because as you said, we need to be strong for our kiddos! Thanks for the push I needed. :)


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