“Amazing Kids” – Nathan


“Amazing Kids” – Nathan

Greetings again friends! I hope this post finds everyone well as we move headlong into the fall season. Last month I had the opportunity to celebrate Elijah’s ninth birthday. Such an awesome day had me reflecting how much this one little boy had been through in his short nine years on this crazy planet. Upon all this reflection I naturally started to think about our little guys Simon and Ezra, who will undoubtedly share the path that their big brother continues to blaze.

While the thoughts of looming hardships and pain did enter into my mind, one overriding sound jolted me into reality, and that was the sound of completely unconstrained laughter coming from three of the sweetest little boys that God has ever created. This laughter did not last forever as pretty soon nine-year-old Elijah was pulling on (almost) three-year-old Simon, who had just decided that (almost) two-year-old Ezra would be happier if his hair was to be pulled. Three boys, three different ideas of what it means to play, but all three trying their hardest to figure out what it was that they should be doing to make the game more fun.brothers2

I know how everyone else’s kids are, but my boys certainly wear their limited emotions on their (often wet and chewed on) sleeves. Hurt, frustrated, sad, and happy are pretty much what my boys know. They are unable to lie, cheat, deceive, ridicule, fake, condescend, bully, or for the most part, even get altogether angry. I am not trying to say that I celebrate their lack of complex feelings, as there are certainly others that they lack which I really try hard not to think about.

My whole point here is that they maximize what they have, and they do so in a way which makes the world that much of a brighter place. I will not lie; I love to look at everyone’s awesome pictures on Facebook, and I will say that I have never seen an image or video of someone with a Creatine disorder that did not brighten my day, and usually week. That ability can be described as the pure power of joy!

Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that my loved ones are pure joy all the time. I am sure anyone who’s child likes to play “keep away” after pulling off their diaper can attest to this, but I can’t help but feel as though those who fight through the challenges that creatine disorders bring, deliver a certain amount of levity to our lives that few others ever could.

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