“Thanksgiving” – Nathan

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“Thanksgiving” – Nathan

Thanksgiving is upon us friends, and let me personally wish each and every reader a Happy Thanksgiving! (Those of you not in the United States, feel free to scarf down some turkey and pie, just for the fun of it!) The post this week will be what I am thankful for, or at least a few of the things, because my blessings are honestly far more than I can fit here, nor would you want to read such an exhaustive list.

Let me start off with the health of our little CTD champs. While it is true that the two little guys, that both are now two years old at the same time, have been struggling with Clostridium difficile or C. diff for about a month now. While I hadn’t heard of this issue before the boys got it, let me tell everyone- I recommend you avoid this condition if at all possible. It may sound strange, and anyone that has dealt with it may wish to question my sanity, but I am indeed even thankful for C. diff. Why? Because it reminds me of how great it is when the boys are healthy, and healthy I hope them to be soon!

Moving on to something else I am thankful for, and that is the number 1,095. Again, pretty odd, but that
is approximately the number of times over the past year that I have had the chance to carry one of my boys to bed, ever so carefully attach their small feeding line, hear the few beeps as I press the run button on their pump, and wish them goodnight. Am I thankful that my boys are on feeding pumps? With all of my heart yes! I choose to look at life not based on the canyons we face, but instead based on the bridges we cross. We have been blessed by an amazing family, an amazing group of friends, many of whom we have never even met, and some really amazing bridges! True, sometimes those bridges are the rickety little rope bridges like you see in the cartoons, but even after we cross those, we find ourselves turning around and saying, “Wow, that was pretty exciting!”FourBoysOutside

To each and every person reading this post, thank you so much for taking the time to read my random thoughts. I wish you, your family, and your friends an excellent and safe holiday season! I know that winter time brings cold and flu season, which always carries unique challenges for our amazing kids, but even if things get a little rough, just remember that you truly are a hero to someone who counts on you!

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