“Levi” -Laura


My name is Levi. I am 5 years old and ALL boy. I love everything life has to offer me. I am an easy going, BUSY, happy, funny, & smart kid. My favorite color is blue, my favorite food is chocolate milk (if that counts), and I love to be outside. I am currently in Kindergarten, where my favorite subject is recess. I am a big brother to one younger brother named Sawyer. We are best of friends and worst of enemies! I love to swim, ski on the snow, ride my bike, be with friends, dig in the sand, and play at the park.

I didn’t always used to be this way. There’s more to me than you can see. I could not sit unassisted until I was 9 months old, and couldn’t walk until after my second birthday. I never babbled or cooed, and didn’t talk till I was 3. My parents and I feel so lucky I have been able to meet these and many other milestones. My parents look forward to sharing my diagnosis and journey with the world. I am Levi, and I have GAMT.

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