“The Day That Changed My Life” – Whitnie

Whitnie holding new baby Reid

“The Day That Changed My Life” – Whitnie

There are certain days that have a significance in all of our lives. Something that happened on a day that changed the path we took, or influenced our perspective, our choices, or future. For me, that day is today. For the past seven years January 13th has been a day of reflection. This is the day in my history that changed things forever.

I won’t lie, I can’t help feeling a little loss each year as the date on the calendar approaches. This mournful side of me wants to be sad about the distance that this day brings. I think for a moment about all the terrible things that happened as a result of this day and how those bad things have negatively impacted my life. Then, I let it go.

I let it go because I find myself flooded with all the things that this day has done for me. Without this day, I wouldn’t be who I am. My family wouldn’t be who they are. January 13th has shaped my character and given me strength and determination that I wouldn’t have without it.

Because of January 13th, I’ve loved deeper, laughed louder, and tried harder than I ever knew I could. Despite its faults, January 13th makes me smile and I love it.

This day has taught me to never give up. I’ve learned how to fight and how to win.
(Even the little wins count!)

This day has forever impacted my life… and the life of the special boy who was born into it.

For that, I celebrate January 13th.

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